Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Measure your battery capacity and % rundown

More than a year ago - and now I finally did the mortscript I was talking about in my first post related to battery issues. Please lookup the related thread I started at xda-developers. Since I have no E72 any more but noticed the crappy battery levels back that time, I am interested to see the results. So if anyone cares to measure it, please contact me at xda-developers. Full lit display should draw 150mA (see my previous posts) so with a battery of roughly 900mAh it should be empty in 6 hours - check it out.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Back to my HTC Tornado :-)

I could not believe it when I went back to the Tornado Forum before Christmas last year - there is SDHC support for this little gem finally. Took up the challenge and cooked my own ROM with SDHC support and now have back my Tornado which I should never have left. See here:

Vox is a very nice device with lots of support and very convenient, just too heavy. The KS20 which I bought recently was a sidestep to the WM6 professional - but what a waste due to the very poor audio quality (not the noise and volume like for the E72 this time, but the frequency response), see this: