Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Retrieve hidden settings/options

Retrieve hidden settings/options in the setup menus by removing the commenting in the relevant XML files:
  • callforwarding.cpl.xml get CFU settings for Data and Fax (Phone->Call Forwarding)
  • clckalrm.cpl.xml get Automatic Timezone setting from Network (Clock&Alarm->TimeZone->AutoTimeZone)
  • telephonygsm.cpl.xml get Frequencyband selection (Phone->Band Selection = usually "automatic")
  • connectgsm.cpl.xml get SMS delivery options (Connections->SMS Service = usually "circuit only")
You will need to copy these files to your PC from the device's \windows directory, edit it with a Unicode capable editor (notepad.exe) and copy them back to the device's \windows directory. A reboot is not required. Changes persist until you have to do factory-reset (so hopefully forever).

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