Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Starting the log...

Hey - despite many resources on the web about Windows Mobile - I have made up my mind to have a kind of log related to my BenQ E72 efforts. Unfortunately BenQ is not a vendor with a long history in Windows Mobile - and not very popular in Germany since the failed Benq-Siemens deal.
This makes dedicated resources for this phone or re-usable tools and methods hard to find and even harder to have a common place to discuss about.

I have Windows Mobile Smartphones since 2004 (SDA Music) when I moved away from my 2-device (mobile + organizer) handling to just one. Then came an O2 XDA phone with TomTom mobile 5 (receiving a new heart from a Vodafone VDA 1240 with WiFi finally). This O2 XDA phone is still my device of choice as it is not fully replaced yet by me last phone, the BenQ E72.

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