Monday, January 12, 2009

Good bye my little friend...

Now that the device showed it cannot serve as a good music player, I have finally returned it to the vendor. I very much regret this, as there is no other device on the market that fits my simple scheme still.
  • Music Player (no noise at low volume, still high volume possible)
  • SDHC compatible
  • no touchscreen
  • Windows Mobile
  • WiFi
  • light-weight (less than 100g)
  • and yes - it has to work as a mobile phone too :-)
My only choice seems to be giving up the "non touchscreen" option - next candidate is the LG KS-20 (Corona) - sigh - another set of investigations to do. Luckily the community for the LG is larger than for the BenQ.

1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry to hear that this phone does not live up to its potential. I have been considering one to replace my old and broken Samsung. I don't spend much on calls and cannot justify a contract that will get me an expensive model, so this looked like a bargain way to get something to replace my phone and PDA, plus gain Wifi.

    I saw that people were having problems getting headphone adaptors. I could probably hack my own as you did, but if the quality is that bad then it may not be worth it. I use my Acer PDA for music when I'm travelling, but would prefer to get by with one gadget in my pocket. Would the noise level be acceptable if the volume is turned up enough to compensate for ambient noise on a train? I try not to turn it up to harmful levels and also don't like annoying other travellers. I may consider some isolating earphones.

    This phone does seem to be the only one with wifi in its price range. I see it on ebay for under 80UKP, but anything else seems much more expensive. I'll be interested to hear what else you find.